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Over the last 3 months Solo creator and developer Richard Woods has reimagined his original pixel art collection as a new generative collection of 3D sandbox-style voxelized models. The collection features a new generation of 3250 spacecraft all reloaded with their original fitouts and wingsets which have each been carefully designed using mainstream voxel-based applications. The objects are then imported into blender and scripted with different rarities weightings to create a phenominal collection of 3D spacecraft. But the fun doesnt stop here – Not only are the models in a Sandbox metaverse friendly format, they all feature randomly generated backgrounds from the CRASH collection – so you can enjoy both a 2D and 3D experience from your mobile device. The models are viewable on mobile – and can be rotated by swiping them with your hand! Lambo Landers: RELOAD – Launching Friday the 26th of August on the Polygon Network – See You There!

  • Release Date: Aug 26,2022
  • Mint Price: 5 MATIC
  • Supply: 3250
  • Doxxed: No
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