FeatherFrogs is an upcoming play-to-earn trading card game being built on BSC & Polygon. The game is inspired by Final Fantasy's Triple Triad card game and relies on the collection and fusion of limited count Feather Frog cards. FeatherFrogs is set in a pocket universe —the Featherland metaverse— with 9 different Kingdoms and a Galaxy with 9 different Planets, each led by 9 different elements. The gameplay experience revolves around the rescue mission of the Kings and Queens of Featherlands to restore order in the realm. ‍ Hone in a deck of various frog types to play in a high stakes story mode where you’ll be taking back the kidnapped Kings and Queens of the 9 Frog Kingdoms. Take that deck onward to conquer in PVP/ PVE or enter tournaments to access increasingly exclusive and rare cards. Go from level to level, buy trade and sell to evolve your frog population, and discover new kingdoms and worlds. Aid in the fight against those who bring chaos to beloved FeatherLand and restore peace and good health to the population. The fate of the Feathers is in your hands!

  • Release Date: -
  • Mint Price:
  • Supply: 10000
  • Doxxed: No
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