Caveman Society

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Story 50,000 years BB (before blockchain). Our Caveman Society was in crisis due to its impending extinction, natural adversities and food shortages made survival difficult. This was reason enough for our explorers to work hard, resulting in the discovery of a strange artifact. This one had specific indications, we promised the permanence of our people but this entailed a great risk. 2222 Uga Boys of the Caveman Society will take the initiative and risk their lives to register their souls in the so-called blockchain and present themselves to the future world of Solana. Our ethnicity will endure, it will not be an easy road and we are willing to do whatever is necessary to prevail, evolution is our destiny.

  • Release Date: Aug 15,2022
  • Mint Price: 2 SOL
  • Supply: 2222
  • Doxxed: No
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